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Are you serious about your retirement?

Retirement University is a five-hour class taught over two evenings. The fast-paced curriculum illuminates what you need to know for a successful retirement. No product or specific investments are covered but instead we focus on topics crucial for your retirement education.

Foundation 201

  • Social Security Maximization
  • Long Term Care – Mitigating Risk
  • Can I Retire? How much is enough?


Taught by a local Estate Planning Attorney

  • Estate Planning Documents


Security 201

  • Financial Planning customized to you.
  • Who is giving you advice? Broker vs. Fiduciary?
  • My Accounts – Where am I? Where should I be?
  • 4th Generation investing for today’s economy. 

Sponsored by America Reliance Group

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Exclusive rights to this material belongs to GPS. Unauthorized use of the material is prohibited.